Mastering Realism - Drawing Techniques For The Modern Tattoo Artist

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What separates Mastering Realism from other instructional books on art, is the focus on techniques specific to tattoo artists, and teaching art from the perspective of working from photo reference. It teaches strong foundation skills in creating the illusion of realism and three-dimensional form, as well as an understanding of the problems that come from using photo reference and how to overcome them. Complicated ideas are broken down and simplified with clear diagrams and illustrations, making them easy to understand. Mastering Realism is great for beginning tattoo artists and apprentices looking to learn foundation skills in creating realistic work, experienced tattoo artists looking to take their work to the next level, and artists working in any medium interested in creating realistic art. As an added bonus, you’ll also get pro tips throughout the book by world renown tattoo artist, Mike DeVries.

Written by Fine Artist Lanny Markasky 

Featuring Pro Tips by Tattoo Artist Mike DeVries