Mario Rosena’s Shoot It Right DVD

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Mario Rosena’s Shoot It Right DVD  

Mario Rosena’s Shoot It Right DVD is a beginner’s guide to taking great tattoo pictures for your portfolio.

In addition to being an accomplished tattoo artist, Mario Rosena has been a professional photographer for several years, shooting for several publications, high-end fashion magazines, and sporting events, such as the X-games. In this DVD Mario brings his photography skill set into the tattoo industry.

In Mario Rosena’s Shoot It Right DVD: A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Great Tattoo Pictures for Your Portfolio, Mario Rosena covers the basic fundamentals of photography with an easy to understand approach geared and designed for tattoo artists. Mario Rosena discusses important topics, such as: Picking the right camera, Camera settings, Composition, Portfolios… and much more. Packed with valuable info and a pocket-size booklet, this DVD guides tattoo artists in taking professional quality photos necessary for a competitive edge within the tattoo industry.

Mario Rosena’s Shoot It Right DVD: A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Great Tattoo Pictures for Your Portfolio

About Mario Rosena

“Mario Rosena and I started Art Junkies tattoo over ten years ago, I’m blessed to have such a good friend In my life the two of us have been through our fear share of ups and downs. But I couldn’t be more thankful for everything Mario has done and continues to do for me. Thank you buddy I’m truly thankful and grateful for our friend ship.

Mario like myself and many others are dreamers, but the difference between Mario and everyone else is  Mario makes those dreams a reality, this guy works his ass off he’s always doing something and has something going on.

Some call Mario a ‘Mad Sentience’ but I call him a brother.

Mario’s growth in the tattoo industry is like no other Mario is a people person always putting others first. You will never hear the word NO come out of his mouth, if it’s something Mario doesn’t already know or understand Mario will find a way.

Mario is always thinking of ways to improve himself as an artist, in doing so he has not only made change in himself he as changed the entire tattoo industry. If it wasn’t for Mario inventive way of thinking  we would all still be sticking on our stencils with deodorant. Mario’s Stencil Stuff products have forever changed the way every tattoo is done today.

I’ve have been honored to see Mario’s growth from every stage in his career from his first tattoo he did to the tattoo he did yesterday. Mario can tattoo anything and anything he’ll tattoo. With all the success he has had I can honestly say Mario’s future is even more promising his tattoos have become apart of him, and the style he has been developing for the last 10 years is defiantly unique and his own. With his artistic vision and his ability to create Mario’s tattoos will always be seen as some of the best.

I wait with excitement to see what Mario comes up with next.”