Sketched Out: An Assortment of Sketches by 100 of Your Favorite Artists

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Sketched Out: An Assortment of Sketches by 100 of Your Favorite Artists!

9″x12″, softcover, 272 pages Only $29.99!

Get a glimpse into an artist’s creative process with this collection of sketches by 100 of your favorite artists! In sketching, the artist finds the freedom to create without limits or judgement, to play with ideas, to make mistakes and to experiment. This book delves into the minds of several of the best contemporary artists as well as some of the best tattoo artists in the world and examines their creative processes. How do they realize what it is they wish to create? How to they decide what works and what does not? The sketches in this book showcase the method behind a work of art, and provide an insider view into the imagination of various top notch artists in the tattoo community.

Sketched Out Artist List Includes: Katelyn Crane, Chet Zar, Alvin Chong, Gunnar, Cory Norris, Jason Stephan, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Adam Pasquali, Tom Strom, Mike DeVries, Amanda LaMarco, Anthony Elliott, Travis Driscoll, Trevor Bonkers, Curt Baer, Neil Winn, Jamie Lee Parker, Brian Meier, Tom Haubrick, Andrea Pallocchini, Thom Rein, Joe Casal, Alec Bauer, Brett Herman, Terry Ribera, Brett Schwindt, Champion Grubbs, H.H. LittleSky, Clint Danroth, Jed Leiknes, Stanislav Krawczyk, Mike Schwab, Brandon Herrera, Justin Harris, Chase Tafoya, Joey Foote, Taylor Ross, Jhon Rodriguez, Eddie Zavala, Tara Quinn, Sneaky Mitch, Nathan Evans, Oleg Turyanskiy, Pooch, Marc Durrant, Mike Riedl, Phil Robertson, Sandi Calistro, Thea Schultheiss, Randy Randerson, Monte Agee, Chris Velasquez, Christa Zurich, Jasmine Worth, Daniel Werder, Tanya Buxton, Russell Bennett, Robert Atkinson, Christian Nguyen, Mike Moses, Kaija Heitland, Joshua Ross, Age Grech, Codey Doran, Gary Dunn, Frank LaNatra, Ilari Musta, J.A.W. Cooper, Johnny Domus Mesquita, Josh Reynolds, JT Justice, Juan Lopez, Kane Kokaris, Matt Christensen, Paul Marino, Robert Kane, Stanley Drayton Bullard, Spencer Caligiuri, Dave Olteanu, Eman, Graham Curran, JF Biron, Marcus Era, Matt Mrowka, David Palacios, Matt Truiano, Richard Carniglia, Daniel Chashoudian, George Campise.